A message from the Directors on...


You will no doubt be conscious of the huge Brexit topic which is currently occupying the minds of politicians, business owners and the media both sides of the channel.

Here at QJS we are particularly interested in the outcome of Brexit negotiations because of the European nature of our business not just in terms of our suppliers but more importantly you, our valued customer, and to this end we wish to outline what actions we are taking in order to offer reassurance to you, particularly in the event of no trading agreement being reached.

Our plans for the worst-case scenario are as follows:

1. Stock

We have greatly increased our stock holding of goods that we purchase from the EU. This will give us the needed buffer in case of long delays caused by goods requiring customs clearance at the border.

2. Discussion

This however does not protect us from long delays in the shipping of goods to yourselves, and our proposal for this is that we discuss your requirements ahead of time and increase the volume of products at your site. Furthermore, if required we are offering to discuss payment terms for these ‘stock orders’ in order to assist you in financing the larger orders.

3. Supply Chain

All of our critical material suppliers in Europe have been contacted and we have obtained assurances from them regarding their commitment to our uninterrupted supply. Furthermore, wherever possible we are putting alternative suppliers in place in case a main supply should fail.

4. Delivered Duty Paid

It is a big concern to us that there will be a negative impact on pricing as a result of increased delivery costs, customs formalities, duties, taxes and other charges. It is our intention to supply all of our goods to you on a DDP basis (Delivered Duty Paid) which not only protects you from inflated prices but also from increased levels of administration as this will be taken care of by ourselves.

5. Terms

It is anticipated that with regard to INCO terms, QJS will trade DDP. This is obviously subject to tariffs becoming clear once a trade deal has or has not been agreed.

6. Relationships

As QJS has grown over recent years, we have built relationships with several extremely competent logistics providers. We are working very closely with such providers to leverage off the plans that they are putting in place. This includes the handling of UK export and EU import formalities.

7. Further Information

  • Our EORI number is UK EORI 345997989000
  •  Proof of origin procedures are in place
  • Tariff classifications (HS/TARIC codes) are known for all products
  • All customs related documentation is in place
We are sure you will agree that leaving the EU with a proper deal in place is a much better outcome. But in either situation we do feel that having prepared for the worst case scenario, QJS is in an even stronger position to handle the outcome when it finally becomes clear.

Above all, please be assured that our commitment to you in helping you to achieve safety, sustainability and efficiency with our unique cleaning and hygiene equipment remains completely unchanged, and we also know that as countries we will continue to work together regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

Thank you very much for your valued business and we look forward to continuing to develop our relationships together as we go forward in 2021.

Dan Turner
Managing Director
QJS (UK) Ltd