At QJS we offer a range of mobile chemical foaming machines that provide the application of chemicals in the food manufacture and pharmaceutical industries.

The Technifoamer range is a compressed air driven machine where pre-diluted chemical are pumped from the main tank by an air diaphragm pump, and delivered through an application hose. With the addition of compressed air via the control valve, the foam quality is fully ajdustable to suit the chemical and the application.

Available for use with chlorinated cleaning chemicals, the Technifoamer is available in two sizes to suit your operational requirements.

You may opt for the Jetstream range instead. This functional foamer connects to a factory air supply and produces foam using pre-diluted foam product. With a capacity of 50 litres, it is compatible with a host of Jetstream accessories, Jetstream hoses and lances for flexibility.

At QJS we also supply a range of foaming injectors, accessories and spare parts including the TechniJektor. This range of high pressure stainless steel foam injectors are built the to the highest standards for durability and reliability, and are available in a range of colours.

For a more permanent fixture we also provide variable pressure foam & rinse satellite stations which can be used with a single or two chemicals.