Fogging is an advanced method of chemical application which applies disinfectant thoroughly and evenly, reaching areas often missed by traditional methods.

At QJS we are delighted to offer the Technifogger 40. This mobile fogger is designed as a highly portable fogger with a non-pressurised tank. By connecting it to compressed air, the prediluted disinfectant and air area combined, and released into the atmosphere as a fog.

The adjustment valve is used to alter the dry/wetness of the fog and as the Technifogger does not have a pump it is extremely lightweight and manoeuvrable. Available in red or blue for factory colour coding, each Technifogger has a capacity of 40 litres and weighs just 12kg when empty. The robust, stable designs means your team will find it easy to operate and wheel around, and it is light enough for transport to other areas of the warehouse if required.

For other solutions, we also offer a drum top fogging device that can connect to a compressed air supply and produce fog when place in a drum of pre-diluted sanitise product.

If you're looking for a factory disinfectant solution for your food manufacturing process or factory, get in touch with our team. We offer a full consultation process, including product demonstrations and site surveys to ensure the best solution possible is offered.