Meat & Fish Industry

Meat & Fish Industry


The meat, fish and abattoir industry places heavy demands on cleaning and hygiene equipment. The nature of the products being processed demands an exceptionally high level of cleaning and hygiene effectiveness to ensure a safe food supply. At QJS we work with you to provide bespoke equipment specifically for abattoirs of various sizes.

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The heavy duty nature of the process abattoir process demands equipment that can remain durable and is reliable in such environments. Our aim is to provide you with equipment that not only makes your team more efficient and productive, but will protect your bottom line whilst increasing both profitability and sustainability.

Some recommended solutions for the abattoir & meat industry include:

  • Medium pressure rinse systems that will deliver, on demand, 24 hours a day
  • Highly robust point of use satellite systems for applying chemicals
  • Application equipment that withstands even the harshest of environments
  • Foaming systems that make the most effective use of every litre of cleaning solution
Our friendly, knowledgeable team deliver a bespoke service. Whether you are a large abattoir with a multi-species processing plant or have a smaller hygiene team offering bespoke poultry, our team can offer something to suit your requirements. Speak to us today to discuss your needs.