In the light of the current situation regarding the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, QJS UK Ltd have implemented precautionary procedures to minimise the risk of the virus spreading.

At the office: 

We are taking the following measures to contain the spread of Coronavirus: 
  • QJS have mobilised their ‘Covid 19 Remote Office’ policy
  • 90% of office staff are very effectively working from home
  • Operations staff remain at the premises and are adhering to extra hygiene measures
  • Hand sanitisers are available at entry points to the building. It is vital that ALL visitors & staff use these before entry
  • Strict staff hygiene regimes with extra hand washing & sanitising
  • Daily disinfection of desks, computer equipment & staff facilities
  • Business Travel restricted to only essential maintenance and urgent sales meetings

Supply Chain:
  • Imports from outside the EU/USA only account for a small amount of QJS products and currently none of our suppliers have experienced production stoppage through Coronavirus. Should there be any changes to this, QJS UK Ltd this will be communicated accordingly.
  • QJS Policy is always to have secondary suppliers for all product and can switch to more local suppliers in the event of supply interruption.
  • All goods received from areas known to be/have been affected, if transit time is less than 10 days, will be quarantined & sanitised on arrival at QJS
  • QJS high stock levels provide excellent contingency for products.
  • We don’t envisage supply issues in the case of a moderate level lock-down in the UK.

Escalation Contingency:
  • Due to the process critical nature of our products we are recommending that factories stock extra equipment and our current high stock levels are in place to cope with this extra demand.
  • In the event of total travel ban, QJS have excellent logistic support through our third-party carrier networks and can perform remote repairs on mobile equipment.
  • In the event of a travel ban QJS are mobilising a fleet of mobile emergency equipment that could be shipped out via the carriers in the event of a client wash system failure.
  • In the event of total lock-down, an emergency contingency team will be available to maintain contact with clients from remote locations.

Please contact us if you want to know more
info@qjs.co.uk or Telephone + 44 (0)1522 703 703