Ways to Reduce Labour Costs in Your Food Manufacturing Factory


Question is often asked in the food and drink processing industry, “How can we reduce labour in our factory?”

In today’s climate, food factories are urgent to increase production time, reduce costs and implement labour savings all while complying to stringent audit requirements.

Let’s take a look at labour saving opportunities you can benefit from today.
This Labour User is often Overlooked

Many would consider Production and Maintenance Teams to be the largest labour users in the factory. While these teams are key to the success of delivering your products, the Hygiene Team could be your highest labour user and viewed as the least in direct impact to increasing profits.

Hygiene Teams can be the unsung heroes of the food industry, often overlooked and yet putting in many hours of labour due to inefficient cleaning procedures.

There are many ways you can quickly implement leaner cleaner procedures, here’s just 3 you can consider;-

Labour Savings in Factory Cleaning Operations

1. Reduce Cleaning Team Set Up Times by Efficient Placement of Equipment
Having washdown kit safely installed at point of use, allows your cleaning window to start on time, every time.

It reduces manual handling, improves operator start time therefore bring immediate labour savings to each team.

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2. Titration Checks versus Time

Any cleaning operation requires the selection of the correct detergent and disinfectant strength, with routine checks carried out to ensure that this dosage has been met.

Chemical Titration checks can be time consuming, particularly in factories with a high number of hose points.  Introducing a reliable chemical dosing system assures you of only needing to titrate at one point.

Single Titration points eliminate manual handling, reduce reporting requirements, allowing labour use to be utilised more efficiently all while giving you peace of mind with absolute dosing accuracy.
3. Efficient Chemical Dilution Procedures

Manual chemical dilution methods can use many man hours over time. Consider the cost of chemical transportation around the factory every shift, along with the time taken to safely measure and mix the chemicals. Have you got a true calculation of this cost?

Leaner chemical dilution methods which reduce this wasted labour typically involves equipment like Central Chemical Systems or Local Dilute Chemical Satellite Points 

For further information on labour savings in your food & beverage processing factory, please contact the QJS team

July 2020

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