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Improving sustainability is a key concern for many food and drink manufacturing sites today.

Where should you start in order to meet the following;-

Reducing Waste | Reducing Water Usage | Reducing Energy | Reducing Effluent | Reducing Risks Reducing Labour | Reducing Consumable Costs

If you’re interested in any of the above, the following ideas may help work towards each of these sustainability objectives in your factory.

In addition, you can watch our Sustainable Washdown Video below.



Reduce Waste

Prediluted chemical wastage can be high in a factory. Implementing a change of process and equipment to diluting chemical on demand, immediately reduces chemical and water wastage, and also lowers the demands on your effluent plant.

Reduce equipment scrappage by sourcing quality washdown hoses and kit that is manufactured for longevity in these factory environments. Reliable equipment, which lasts longer, will ultimately minimise the volume of waste your site has to dispose of and declare.

Reduce wasted water by ensuring every drop is used efficiently and effectively. Read more under the ‘Reduce Water Usage’ heading below.

Reduce plastic waste by minimizing the use of smaller chemical drums. Bulk Chemical Containers (IBC’s) can be cleaned and reused, helping you achieve ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’. This reduces drum sterilizing costs and saves on water that is used to clean the drums out before they are disposed of, recycled or reused.



Reduce Water Usage

Are you using the optimum pressure for water savings? Setting your rinse pressure between 10-30 bar enables you to clean faster and more effectively, with a lower water usage, than higher or lower pressure systems offer.

Harness your water power efficiently to use less water, ensuring every drop is cleaning the factory and not being atomised and becoming an airborne mist. Across the industry, high pressure washdown systems are used but their efficiency is topic of conversation. Typically, a high pressure cleaning system cleans a small area at a time, therefore increases the use of water, chemical and labour. However, a medium pressure system cleans a larger area with more control, less water, less chemical and less labour.

Control your water correctly with the correct restriction equipment. Medium Pressure Washdown Systems are great for efficiency, but to be as lean as possible, you must have the correct nozzles, application equipment and inbuilt water flow restrictors. The QJS Systems range includes inbuilt water control, saving as much water as possible yet not compromising on the results of the cleaning. Using the correct equipment, QJS Medium Pressure Rinse can reduce your water usage by up to 30%.

Ensure water saving nozzles are kept in guns at all times. Using uniquely colour coded nozzles is an excellent visual management for this purpose. The Spearhead Water Saving Nozzles range are fitted with high impact jets which use the water more accurately and efficiently.


Reduce Energy

Having introduced factory water savings through better control and management, means your system pumps are now under less demand and your energy usage is immediately reduced.

Choosing inverter driven pumps is another way your factory can improve its carbon footprint. Inverter driven pumps vary speed according to demand, therefore reducing energy consumption. Not only are all our pumps inverter driven, they also have the QJS DayDuty function for further energy savings.

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Reduce Effluent

Many cleaning chemicals are very polluting to the water environment and may adversely affect your Effluent Treatment Plant. Training your Hygiene and Washdown Teams to use and apply chemicals efficiently, will save Effluent Plant risks.

The more reliable and accurate your chemical dilution, the less the risk of effluent plant damage. Too much chemical can put the effluent plant out of action, and too little can mean the water is overtreated, and requires further processing.

Eliminate prediluted chemical use in your food processing factory. Prediluted chemical that is not used within a timeframe becomes ineffective and has to be disposed of. Diluting chemical on demand will remove this predilution need, reduce your volume of effluent, reduce water treatment costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

The QJS ChemFlow System offers is the preferred option when you are looking for a leaner process with less wastage and the ability to produce more. Offering huge reductions in effluent and land fill, this is definitely your environmentally friendly chemical dosing system.



Reduce Risks

Chemical drum handling is often an issue in many food manufacturing facilities. Our Chemical Drum Handling Equipment range includes bespoke options for specific areas of your factory. Visual identifiers to drum handling trolleys, such as name plates and colour coding can be implemented to reduce risks.

Reduce chemical burn risks by diluting your chemical through a central system. This allows chemical containers to be kept outside of the production area. When a system distributes chemical diluted, this reduces further the risk of concentrated chemical contact with operators or any food surfaces. One solution for you could be the QJS ChemFlow System.

Minimise Trip Risks with safer hose storage. Keeping hoses off the ground and tangle free is a key factor when considering slip and trip risks. Also, when the hoses are not in use, storing them out of the way is a simple fix. See some of our Hose Storage Solutions System for ideas. Safe hose handling and storage reduces the risk of contamination from floor level areas to production benches.

Minimise RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) risks with easy trigger wash guns. There is a common RSI issue related to using washguns, but few people realise the real cause. The weight of the gun needs to be considered, but choosing the right trigger design is actually key to finding a gun for minimum RSI and maximum user comfort. Call us to discuss the easy hold options we have.


Reduce Labour

Reduce cleaning team set up times by efficient placement of equipment. Having washdown kit safely installed at point of use, allows your cleaning window to start on time every time. It reduces manual handling, improves operator start time therefore brings immediate labour savings to each team.

Chemical Titration checks can be time consuming, particularly in factories with a high number of hose points. Introducing a reliable central chemical dosing system assures you of only needing to titrate at one point, eliminating manual handling, reduce reporting requirements, allowing labour use to be utilised more efficiently.

Read more about Reducing Labour here



Reduce Consumable Costs

Save chemical costs by dosing from IBC’s. This enables you to buy in bulk, reducing your chemicals purchase costs. Discuss your dosing options with QJS today;-
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Reduce your Hygiene Consumables costs by sourcing high quality equipment that has been specifically designed and manufactured to withstand harsh factory environments. Reliable washdown equipment reduces hygiene team downtime, and increases factory production and performance



QJS Cleaning & Disinfection Systems

Bringing you a Cleaning and Hygiene methodology that is up to date with best practice

Your factory can be cleaned to optimal levels with minimal environmental and financial impacts.

QJS principle is based on satellite cleaning points situated throughout production areas from which operators can perform all of the cleaning stages of foam, rinse and disinfectant through a single hose.