Top Tips for Working Feet


We have recently listened to an excellent podcast from a leading podiatrist on the hygiene of keeping your feet healthy.


The foot is sitting inside an enclosed space all day. It is often hotter than the rest of the body, wetter than the rest of the body, so moister because of the sweat environment there, and endures higher forces than the rest of the body.

"The Washguard Wellington is so comfortable that I was able to complete an extensive, all night shift, walking approximately 10 miles, wearing these boots"  -  Hygiene Manager, Moypark

     Hygiene & Keeping the Foot Clean

Make sure that the foot is washed and dried thoroughly every day. That the toes are dried well, in between is important, because if you don’t dry, and particularly between the little toe and the fourth toe, if that’s left moist, athlete’s foot will develop really easily.


If the skin conditions change, if the PH conditions change, the acidity of the skin, the moisture of the skin, that kind of thing, then suddenly what was just living on us (our skin flora & fauna) can become a little more potent. It can breed more, develop a colony and then if you are unlucky, it will infect you. Often smelly feet are related to an increase in the number of bacteria due to poor hygiene.

     Hygiene, Hosiery & Footwear

The hygiene of the feet relates to the hosiery and the footwear as well. It is important to change socks at least once a day, wash them out between wear, using detergent, preferably in a washing machine with heat involved!


Footwear should be dried out at the end of every wear. Ideally it should be a 24-hour period if you’ve had a heavy wear with a lot of sweat loss. Allow the footwear to dry out fully, trying not to stuff your socks or other obstruction into the boots, because that stops the evaporation of water coming away.

     Moisture Wicking Insoles

Some insoles are good at absorbing water. If you are somebody who suffers with excess sweat in your feet, then it might be that you would benefit from having a more absorbent insole in your footwear. The reason being that it draws and wicks the moisture away from your skin, which means you are less likely to develop blisters or infections.


There is a type of infection that is very common to people who wear industrial footwear; pitted keratolysis. This is where on the underside of the foot, bacteria develops and begins to actually digest some of the surface of the skin. It does not hurt, never goes very deep, but it can be unsightly, and it can cause bad odour as well.


With these types of infections, it’s the case of drying out the foot, drying out the hosiery and the footwear, making sure you’ve got clean dry socks, clean dry footwear and your foot is clean and dried too.

Washguard Wellington Boot


Some key attributes of the Washguard Wellington and how they can assist with keeping your feet healthy during the working day.

Polyurethane boots such as the Washguard Wellington, are created from combining polyol, isocyanate and other ingredients, and use millions of air bubbles to create a lightweight, thermo-insulating boot with tremendous wear-and-tear resistance. This innovative material can last up to two to three times longer than traditional materials.


As PU boots consist of millions of air bubbles, they can be upto 40% percent lighter than other Wellington Boots.



Polyurethane provides up to 40 percent greater flexibility than other materials. Spending all day walking or standing on the lightweight and supple polyurethane, versus hard plastic or heavy rubber, keeps legs and feet fresher longer, without the sweaty feet.


Polyurethane can provide extremely strong protections from animal oils and fats, mineral oils and gas, derived products, and even solvents.



The quality of polyurethane carries a higher price than other traditional materials, but the higher cost often is offset in the longevity or life span of PU. For example, low-pressure PU lasts an average of nine months, and high-pressure PU lasts an average of 12 months.

The innovative PU Washguard Wellington Boot rises above the competition on almost every category and should be considered in the footwear plan for your workforce. Used in the right applications, you will find that this investment into your team will provide the safety and comfort it deserves.

August 2020



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