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Benefits of Colour Coded Hygiene Equipment

Visual management not only improves business performance but embeds a culture of operational excellence across the teams. Lean programmes succeed through effective visual management tools, including Colour Coded Hygiene Equipment.

Employee engagement describes people who are committed to their work and the goals and values of their company. In the current unprecedented times we find ourselves in, employee engagement goes hand in hand with ensuring compliance across every area of the Food Processing and Manufacturing facility.

Colour Coded Hygiene Equipment is proven to ensure efficient operations.

Here are 4 simple ways colour coded hygiene equipment can help you:

1. Reduce Cross Contamination

Colour coding equipment specific to a zone is important for food safety so that the equipment stays within the specified area and the risk of cross contamination is reduced

BRC Section 4.11.6 States: ‘Cleaning equipment shall be suitably identified for intended use (colour coded or labelled

Typically, cross contamination is the process by which bacteria or other microorganisms are unintentionally transferred from one substance or object to another, with harmful effect.  Consider the effects of allergen contamination and how colour coded equipment can be of great importance in this area.


2. Improve Compliance

Colour coding is specified by BRC, and also many Auditors recommend zone colour coding equipment in order to reduce cross contamination.   For example, Tesco Plc states ‘A colour coded system must be in place to identify and segregate cleaning equipment between high care / high risk and low risk areas.’  (TFMS Section 9.6.2)

Colour coding is a simple and effective step to compliance.


3. Reduce Equipment Losses/Missing

It is not unheard of that some food manufacturers colour code equipment to different teams.  This is a great way to monitor where equipment’s being used, and to reduce losses and cross team use.


4. Select the Correct Equipment Every Time

Colour coding equipment can ensure the correct item is being used, increasing operator efficiency and reducing time taken to complete a role.  Colour coded equipment such as nozzle or hose colour, can be identifiers for which chemicals are to be used with that equipment.

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