Nita offer a safe and functional range of hose handling tools and equipment for food manufacturers and factories.

If you're looking for a hygienic, sturdy hose reel; the stainless steel construction of the Nita range is built to withstand the rigours of the food and pharmaceutical industries. An open design allows for easy cleaning and a user-friendly ergonomic solution. By using a Nita reel you will increase the longevity of your hose while reducing trip hazards for your hygiene.

Other storage accessories include a hose hanger which offers simple, safe and functional storage of hoses and guns to reduce risk of contamination while offering a quick and easy to use storage point.

For those who require a mobile solution, the Nita hose reel trolley is an excellent solution where hoses need storing away from production areas. The mobile hose reel trolleys are user friendly with non-marking rubber tires and can decrease back injuries.

Longer production lines can also use the Nita stainless steel hose track system that gives total coverage along production lines without the hose ever touching the floor. The tracking can be supplied in any length to suit any application requirements and factory sizes. By using a track system you can avoid cross contamination from floor to line and the instantaneous use allows greater efficiency, whilst eliminating back injury from lifting hoses and removing trip hazards.