Hosereel Trolleys

Hosereel Trolleys

A mobile Nita Hosereel trolley is the perfect way to introduce a portable, hygienic cleaning solution into your factory setting.

The multi-purpose Q2 trolley is an extremely portable, robust and hygienic solution which offers multi-purpose functionality for hygiene teams and food manufacturers.

Available to be tailored to any specification, the Nita Q2 Trolley is ergonomic in design, built to withstand the rigours of the modern food and pharmaceutical industries. Offering maximum efficiency and functionality within the working environment, the Nita Q2 trolley has a host of additional options including in-built satellite station, tool carrier, hose reel or wrap bracket option and with or without hose.

For a more simplistic hygiene system, the Nita Small or Large hose reel trolley is an excellent solution to the problem of carrying hoses where hoses are generally stored away from production areas.

Using a hose reel trolley provides a host of additional benefits for your operations team, including a decrease in back injuries and a reduction in trip hazards. These user-friendly hose reels increase hose life, are cleanable inside and have non-marking rubber tires to keep your production area clean and tidy.

Available in a range of hose length sizes and inlet/outlet sizes, all hose reel trolleys are also available as fully assembled with accessories including wash guns, nozzles and lances. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements.