With a Nita hose handling track system, you can achieve total coverage along production lines without a hose ever touching the floor.

Available in any length to suit any application type, a Nita track system is constructed from stainless steel and entirely flexible to suit your factory and production line layout.

Not only does a Nita hose tracking system prevent your hose from touching the floor, but there is also a host of additional benefits. The system prevents cross contamination from floor to line, and the instantaneous nature of the hose use gives greater efficiency to your hygiene operators.

By having the hoses at a higher, easy access level, you will also increase your hose life whilst completely removing the issue of trip hazards in the factory setting. Your hygiene operatives will also no longer be effected by back injuries from lifting hoses and machinery.

Our expert, knowledgeable team are able to construct site surveys and Nita tracking designs as part of the consultation process. Get in touch today and find out what QJS (UK) Ltd can do for you.