Red Box Service

Our collection, repair and return service for customers with large numbers of wash down hoses and guns

By using this Red Box Service, our customers find that, instead of throwing away equipment that could still be re-used, they are able to repair the products and increase their lifespan, meaning they can also reduce overall costs.


Along with your next order, we will send you one of our ‘Red Boxes’ (which is a heavy duty, re-useable carrier box) which you keep on site.

When a product breaks (but there is clearly still life left in it), this goes into the box.

One box will hold a maximum of 35kg. The hoses and guns eligible for this service should be repairable within reason. This service works best for premium products such as Garrison hoses, Stronghold 450 and 2500 guns.


Please ensure all hoses are emptied of water and chemical products. To avoid cross-contamination between sites, we ask that hoses and guns are clean from dirt, debris and chemical. Before placing the hoses in the box, please coil them in order to take up the least space possible.

When your box is ready to collect, please get in touch with our customer service team, providing a contact name and number. Upon receipt of an order number for the delivery and inspection charge, collection can be arranged. Notes will be sent to you via email to attach to the red box, along with an ETA of collection.

Once the box is brought to QJS, our Technicians will examine the contents. Following inspection, we will put together and send you a report with a breakdown of the potential repairs needed.

For products we deem to be outside of economical repair, we will advise on the purchase of new equipment.

Repairs are carried out after a PO is received to validate the quote sent through.

The repaired products are sent back to you in the same red box they came in.

You then keep the red box for the next batch of products to be repaired.
Following on from the inspection, we will send you a quote for the work that is needed. By using the service, you can potentially extend the life of your hoses up to 3 times, saving hundreds of pounds over the years.
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